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15th NRHC Day 2

A few highlights and resources from Day 2 of the 15th National Rural Health Conference.

Liz Lea's dance performance of her journey through endometriosis would have been one to view, however, I actually missed it but felt to share anyway: 'Performance: RED, Liz Lea. A poignant, riotous and ultimately triumphant exploration of one woman's story through illness and recovery.


The only talk I managed to get to today was 'MENTAL - The Mother Load. A creative documentary performance exploring the beauty, grotesque and poetic in the madness and mundane of motherhood.

You can find their website here. And their public FB page here. Their private FB group here.


There were some great, relevant, resources available in the exhibition space as well:

MUMS SPACE - Support for the emotional health of new mums, at every step. Delivering leading online perinatal mental health resources in one place. Website Facebook


TEN CLINIC - A free, confidential service providing teenagers with the opportunity to talk to one of our nurses about a range of issues in a friendly non-judgemental environment: - General Health

- Relationship Concerns

- Mental Health Issues

- STI Screening

- Sexual Health

- Health Education

- Contraception Advice

- Homelessness

This has been rolled out in 5 clinics across NSW and they would love to see it spread across the country and made available at all health clinics. Website



THE FERTILITY SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA - National public education program.



SPEAK UP! STAY CHAty - Positive mental health - everyone, every day! Educating individuals and communities about mental health, challenging them to accept difference, and encourage them to seek support for themselves and others when they need it. The also have an in-school sports program running across in Tasmania.

Website Facebook -------

It's been so nice to meet the founders and passionate workers of these projects and so many others over the past two days. There are dozens of exhibitors so please get in touch if there are any other services you are seeking or would like to learn more about.


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