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15th NRHC Day 3 and Day 4

DAY 3 Tuesday 26th March 2018 So, we were absolutely exhausted by the start of Tuesday and the morning didn't go to plan. I'll share more about that on a post about Elimination Communication (EC) on the road and our first nappy-free adventure... There were so many great talks on the program for today that I was hoping to get to, such as:

Performance: Mature Artists Dance Experience, and talk about dance for Parkinson's.

Sir Harry Burns. Early Childhood Trauma, social determinants of health, anticipatory care approach

Bushra Nasir. Co-designing a suicide intervention training program for Indigenous communities - INSIST.

Jenny Caspersonn. Seeing the whole person: addressing the link between social determinants and health.

Luke Wakely. Growing together: experience of parenting a premature infant in a rural area.

Courtney Schuurman and Angela Scuderi. Child mental health is everyone's responsibility.

Ben Chia. Responding to rural mental health crisis: the first year of Call to Mind.

Sally Bristow. Mothering children with chronic conditions: stories from the bush.

Emma Griffiths. A review of pre-conception care delivery in a remote Aboriginal community context.

Wendy Madsen. The ins and outs of undertaking a song-writing workshop for rural women.

Jenny Kelly and Jane Connell. Where there is no midwife: the Imminent Birth Education Program.

Matthew Farger. Men. Music. Change, Youth and mental health service: using music programs to bring about positive change in men's lives.

Nicky Wright. health by stealth: drumming for wellness and health professional education.

Hazel Dalton. Rural suicide prevention through building healthy and resilient people and communities.

Performance by Second Echo Ensemble: By my hand

Loucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, co-founders of Orange Sky. Better together - positively connecting communities.

The Orange Sky presentation was the only session I managed to get to today, and I highly recommend taking the time to watch the replay of their talk. It was one of the most powerful talks I've seen, and I ended up in tears. A lot came up for me around the reality and rawness of the days of being homeless and how all I wanted and needed was a hot shower and some clean clothes, and knowing, so deeply how much those two simple things are effecting people across the country simply because these two young men decided to do "something crazy" that probably "wasn't going to work". DAY 4

Wednesday 27th March 2018

Today I was completely focused on prepping for my session and then collapsing in a heap afterwards but I would have liked to have seen:

Caroline Stevenson and Alexandra Crawford. Rural/remote mental health service delivery: can telecare meet the needs of children?

Georgina Luscombe. City vs country: do rural adolescents experience digital health inequalities?

Sam Routledge. Terrapin Puppet Theatre - making the impossible, possible using just our hands.

Marion Hale. Women, alcohol and pregnancy: are we telling the truth?

Bernadette Doube and Jill Dibble. Equity in the context of co-designing sustainable rural maternity services.

Avril Duck and Velvet Eldred. Case studies of transformation through inclusive theatre making: doing Shakespeare in Cairns. Cecil Camilleri. Daring to care! An autoethnographic journey of recovery from bipolar affective disorder and complex trauma. See the full program here.


It's been inspiring to see so much arts in the health sector, including a whole space dedicated to arts and health this week. I've really enjoyed being able to interact with professionals from a variety of fields. I feel hopeful that we may be able to see some patient centred change in the not too distant future and I feel comfort in knowing that there are mental health practitioners out there who are seeing that the current system is working as well as it could be, and that they're open to hearing stories from consumers and willing to find ways to move forward to better support those who are suffering. Which leads me on to the theme of my presentation:

"New, real, effective mental health support needed for those suffering with mental illness"


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