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Dear Postpartum Body

I saw this beautiful video on FB and I felt to share some words about my postpartum body:


For those who know me (physically) you will know how "quickly [I] got my body back" after birth, and for those who know me even better you will know that I look nothing like how I used to.

I am wider, my breasts are lower and have purple lines underneath them, for three months I had a scar in my belly button that looked like a dirt mark/belly button fluff; which I found very entertaining.

Part of our sacred pregnancy journey was about self-empowerment, it was about my personal transition from Maiden to Mother (and for him; his transformation from boyhood to manhood), embracing my growth, my transformation, honouring our daughter, loving myself. For the first time in over a decade I looked in the mirror at my body. EVERY DAY. I watched my body shift, the expansion, with awe and gratitude. I watched my breasts fill in preparation. I watched my bum grow to balance my belly and my partner watched it too, he honoured the power that I held growing his daughter, even through the sickness and pain (and there was lot of both), he honoured the beauty, with words and touch and he still honours that. We share in the magic of this body that has allowed me to create life and that is still nourishing our daughter.

For those of you who know me will know that until the week we conceived I had a six-pack and I LOVED to have my belly out. For those who saw me through the pregnancy you will remember how proud I was of my belly and how much I LOVED to have my belly out. For those of you who have seen me since we got home from the hospital (4 days PP) you will see most of the time with my belly out, even in winter, I LOVE having my belly out. I take pride in my body because I AM BEAUTIFUL.

I feed my daughter in public and sometimes it's not convenient for me to cover up due to walking and feeding or putting her in the carseat after she's fallen asleep feeding. You will see me with my boob out numerous times a day, because when she is hungry or if she asks for "milk/boob" I will feed her. I do not wear a bra, for many reasons, and haven't for over five years, my breasts sit where they do, with no concern to me, because they are where they need to be. They are now accessible on demand for our daughter and they are beautiful.

I am proud of my body for the journey it has taken me on so far and I hope that together, through our actions and words, as men, women and children, we can support others to feel good about themselves, because our bodies, when we love them and treat them with respect are perfection, exactly as they are in each moment.

10 Days before Luna joined us

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