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Elimination Communication in the Sky

Two weeks... one train, five planes, two villages, three cities, over 15,000km, one suitcase, a day backpack, a travel potty, some legwarmers, some dancing, a very cold mum and baby later and we have arrived! You can find the first EC blog here. Little 12 1/2 month old Luna has been out of nappies for 2 1/2 months during the day and 1 1/2 months at night. She chose some fabric recently and I've made her some funky undies for the adventure.

We've also brought along our travel potty with its reusable liner. Two weeks ago we packed our bag and jumped on a train to Cairns. (this is a photo from our Brisbane trip, but it's pretty much how packing goes every time)

The train did not go so well, it was all misses there. We attempted the toilet but it was so horrifically gross I gave up. Next was Cairns. We stayed with two sets of lovely friends and got out usual set-up out at the first and shared the potty at the second place. Some misses, some catches and a good ol' fashioned EC hold over the loo every now and then. Plane time!

We jumped on a plane to Hobart (via Sydney). I had intended to set the potty up under the seat on the plane, but that didn't end up occurring. We had mostly misses this round and Luna was madly signing toilet for the whole descent but the staff wouldn't let her get up and go.

Hobart for the week and the 15th National Rural Health Conference. (read about it here, here, here and here) The conference was mostly misses, the house was mostly misses, but we managed to catch all but two night wees and all of our morning poos. On the last day I realised that she wants to wee standing up, I'm guessing because the toilet and potty seats are so damn cold! She also seemed happy to EC hold and pee on a tree. At home we can wash a load on cold, then hang it on the line and they're dry in a couple of hours, so it's been challenging getting used to the different climates. There were some disaster days, like the day I drove past the laundromat and forgot to dry her undies, then went to another laundromat and realised that I had no change. Thankfully some ladies at the conference supported me in getting them dried. We also had a team rotation at home with the undies balanced over the floor heating vents, as well as chasing blown away washing around the garden and a team effort emptying the hills-hoist before the big wind and the rain came. All in all, thanks to the help and support of our surrogate family we made it through! Hobart has the best, cleanest and most functional parents room we've seen, it had a clean toilet, sink, chair and change table. I tried the EC hold over the loo and the sink only to be met with arching and resistance so I took her leg warmers, socks and shoes off and she peed on the floor and had a lot of fun cleaning it up with the toilet paper... She has a thing about toilet paper... (photo from the Brisbane trip).

Plane to Melbourne. Now that I had figured out the resistance we caught a wee in the sink! And she's started to enjoy putting her hands down public toilets, but she also likes to wash her hands in the sink so that balances it out right?

Melbourne was short and sweet. During the day we managed wees on trees, and a half miss/catch poo outside. The nights were both full of misses and I reluctantly slept in a wee puddle. The waterproof bedrug is great at protecting the bed from the wee, but really needs a towel or something absorbent on top to prevent top-side puddles.

Then the big trip... 14 hour flight, two hours stop over and another seven hour flight. Bear in mind that I only managed to make 16 pairs of undies as I ran out of time and we have only been using one or two a day at home. Melbourne airport had the grossest parents rooms yet, they stank and had no toilet. We spent a good hour in there, we caught two wees in two different sinks and then she sat in this sink and had a bath. I forgot to lock the door and we ended up meeting another lady and baby who were traveling on our flight. She had over 50kg of combined baggage for the two of them, I felt relieved that I was only carting around 24kg combined in the end. Having a full reusable, low waste, chemical-free kit really keeps the baggage down.

First flight 14 hours and all but one miss. We caught that one in the sink. Her signs are as clear as day but once we get to the bathroom it's all out resistance. I tried getting her naked and the EC hold over sink as well, but she just ended up going in her undies. Two hours in Dubai airport. We mostly spent this in the sink in the parents room. The parents rooms were pretty nice and clean, but didn't have toilets in them. Second flight was all misses. She found a group of college students to play with and got completely engrossed in being smothered with attention. We made it though, with two pairs to spare, we landed, it's freezing and we're so jet lagged that I've just about given up with being annoyed at anything. The potty hasn't been used since we got here two nights ago, she's content peeing on the floor, and we've discussed peeing on the lino if she really needs to pee on the floor, which she has done (and not on the carpet), she's also had a couple of wees standing in the bath. (Sorry Nan, I haven't told you yet). We're using the radiators to our full advantage, as I hung some washing up on the line yesterday and it got rained on. I remember how much I used to love putting on warm clothes from the radiator as a kid it's still just as wonderful as an adult. One final giggle for you all... This morning I was resisting getting up (at 5:30), and ignoring her signs and I really paid for it... she climbed on top of me and did her morning poo on my belly. She's not been eating as much food due to having a growth spurt, the flights and jet lag so it was a nice, explosive, BF poo.... mmmm. Tonight we went dancing and she signed (all three toilet signs, because apparently I wasn't listening) so we did two attempts at going to the toilet, EC hold over the toilet and the sink and holding her on the toilet seat and all were met with arching and resistance. She then tried to climb into the sink, fully dressed... We finally had a miss in he undies about 10 minutes later. It's been a long couple of weeks but I am so exhausted I've not got the energy to be frustrated and I feel that that has really helped us on this journey. I'm just accepting it as it comes and back to doing more washing. We're both doing the best we can, we're both calm, content and communicating, we'll be back on track again soon I'm sure. A bonus of all of these misses is that she's had so much practice at "step(ping) out" and "right foot in" and "left foot in" that she's looking like a pro, she's also been taking her legwarmers and socks off, and doing some very cute attempts at putting them back on. That's all for now. How is your EC journey going? Have you travelled doing EC before? Please feel free to share your stories in the comments.


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