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Elimination Communication on the Road

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

What is it like combining minimalism, travel and elimination communication? A nightmare? That was where my head went to when the reality first hit me that Luna and I were going to be going on our first adventure without a car. In January we went to Brisbane to meet friends and to dance two 5Rhythms sessions with Honor Morningstar.

It was Luna's first time on an aeroplane, train, bus, and ferry. She was 10 months old.

Brisbane City Cat Ferry.

We have been doing EC with MCN back-ups fulltime since Luna was 7 weeks old and she has been using the potty since 3 1/2 months. This trip to Brisbane was a trial trip to see if we could manage our low-waste, EC journey on the road and with minimal baggage. So, here's our suitcase:

I wasn't going to take the potty, but seeing as our bag was mostly empty I (thankfully) chucked it in as we walked out the door. Here's our day bag/nappy bag:

We had all our reusable stuff with us including a bamboo bowl and plate, cutlery and a straw, reusable bum wipes and spray, reusable face-washers, stainless steel bottle for Luna and a stainless steel filter water bottle for me, a wet bag, a change mat and a handful of toys.

All in all, the trip went really well, we were very lucky to be staying with wonderful friends.

We used the waterproof rug on the bed for nights and had the potty by the bed over night. During the day Luna signed "toilet" and we caught most of them, so there weren't too many washes needed. When we got home I decided to donate the rest of her nappies and she's been out of day nappies since the end of January and night nappies since February. Night-time toileting has by far been the easiest and the most successful for us.

This is our setup:

At night we use a combination of physical cues (wriggling and rubbing her face into the bed), along with timing (she wakes three times a night to feed and wee, plus extra feeds) and if I'm not concentrating she will signal to me by slapping me on the chest. Some nights I can pick her up and put her onto the potty, other nights we bring the potty on to the bed and I feed her while she wees.

------- So, now we're on our next EC adventure... Read more here.


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