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Growing Together

With all that has been occurring I have realised how little has changed for us two, so I felt drawn to sharing some of our daily routines and how you can use even the most simple tasks to introduce meditation, movement and learning through play.

My intention is to keep these blog posts around the #consciousparenting #minimalistparenting #sustainableparenting #mindfulparenting #lowscreentime ethos. I'd like to show you a more in-depth look at the 'simple things' that are in your home and your normal day as well as common triggers and how they can actually be used as ways to bond with your children, to support autonomy and independence and how they are learning through the play. As a single stay at home mum with no biological family in the country and working from home it's always been important to me to find ways to engage my daughter, while keeping myself sane, mentally and physically healthy and with the intention of her developing skills that will support her to be more independent. So often, I work with families who have children with 'behavioural issues,' or those who 'don't listen,' 'are disrespectful,' 'are naughty' and so on. Coming from a society that often doesn't realise how smart our children are and does not, usually, support them to grow with their own personal intelligence, but instead focuses on a set, and outdated milestone system, we can see a rise in frustration levels in our children, this, added to our usual patterns of disconnecting from self and others around us leads to more frustration and further disconnection and so the cycle continues. (Here's a post on creating more connection)

But, what if, we could change the way we view the moments in a day and become aware of how we are behaving and from there use that as a tool to grow with our children? Here's an very basic and extreme example of how we can choose to engage or disengage and how our perception and choices change our reality: Baby S: "mum, mum, mum, mummy!" Mum "not now." (Baby S wanted to show mum that she had found a pen and wanted to do a drawing but couldn't find any paper) Baby S gave up with the paper hunt and starts drawing on anything and everything else. Mum finally looks up and sees drawings everywhere... "You're in so much trouble, you're so naughty!" and so baby S gets punished or 'disciplined.' A different reaction could be: Mum finally looks up and sees drawings everywhere... "oh, you did artwork... on... everything... may I take some photos of your art and then, how about I find you some paper to draw on for now while l get a cloth and we can clean the art together." Going back to the beginning and trying something different again: Baby S: "mum, mum, mum, mummy!" Mum "Yes S?" Baby S "paper drawing" Mum, goes and gets paper and they sit down together and do art together. The more we tune in and adapt our own behaviour the more we can see patterns, we can see how our children's behaviour is a direct reflection of our own, how the stress we create can often be avoided if we choose to connect in the first moment, or we take a breath instead of reacting. Our children are not inherently naughty, but they are testing their place in the world, boundaries and our reactions. Now, more than ever, is the time to put down all other 'tasks' and to take a breath and to engage with our children. Be sure to check in daily on Instagram as I'll be posting daily check ins and answering questions. I'm also open to suggestions, so if you have a specific request, please let me know and I'll see what we can co-create. In the mean time, your home-play is to go the app store and download the FREE 1 Giant Mind app (Apple) (Android) and do the first of the 12 day challenge. It's a 15 minute guided meditation. I am not affiliated with them, but I do LOVE the program, it's simple, easy to complete and it's Australian. I hope you enjoy my new, raw blogging, I won't really be editing too much, just sharing and getting them out to you as quick as I can so that I can go back to playing with my girl. Please feel free to share, tag and so on.

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