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Soulful Simplicity

Minimalism, low-waste, low-technology living with a baby. What does it look like for us?

I often get asked about our set up at home and how minimalism links in with conscious parenting. For me conscious parenting is about our lives as a whole (holistic living). The space in which we live effects our moods, our days and our health, it also effects the ways in which we interact with ourselves and our families. As a culture we have a tendency to own lots of things, including lots of items of technology. Personally I'm a nature lover and I feel drawn to spending most of my time outside and prefer to craft, read, play or write instead of watching TV. I haven't owned a TV in Australia (over 12 years).

Our ability to be sustainable can come in many ways, but the most important thing I try to remind myself is that I am teaching my daughter through my actions, intentions and choices.

Being a seamstress has taught me the true value of high quality clothing, mix this in with living in the tropics and I have finally been able to bless myself with a tiny wardrobe. Having an inquisitive wild-ling has taught me the value of my objects and that although there are precious few things she is not allowed to 'play' with (car keys, phone, computer, diffuser) pretty much everything else in the house that is within reach is up for grabs.

For the past two years I have been reducing my possessions right down to what is actually getting used each day. It's been a hard and long emotional process, until I had a break through in Brisbane recently. I went to get something out of storage and was told the container had been emptied a year ago. I felt a wave of nausea and then overwhelming relief. That stuff was released without me having to do it and now everything I own is in this one home. It felt beautiful, liberating and spiraled me into a new wave of rearranging the house. While in Brisbane at 5Rhythms Luna chose a book “WABI SABI; Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life” by Beth Kempton. I ordered a copy for when we got home and we're both enjoying it. I really love watching Luna flick through pages and choose ones to read. I felt to quote a few passages but it's really hard to choose, so I recommend getting your hands on a copy.

So this post is really inspired by Beth's comments on minimalism and how we cannot and do not live in a show room, that homes are meant to be really lived in and she calls the real life version SOULFUL SIMPLICITY. Soulful simplicity is the concept I have been embodying as I've rearranged the house this week. The floors needed doing so it seemed like a good time to take some photos.

So, let's have a look inside my house...

My sacred space that is always a work in progress. I've intentionally chosen not to pose or move things just for the photos, yes, it's tidier than usual as I vacuumed and mopped the floor yesterday, but otherwise this is how we live. I'm keen to go into detail about each room, to share more about what is there, why and so on. So please let me know what you're curious about. Please head over to the FB page or group to share your story or comment below. I'd love to hear about and see how your journey to Soulful Simplicity is going too.

ALL of Luna's toys.

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