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The 3alanced Life

The 3alanced studio is our humble studio space in Cardwell, Far North Queensland, where we share Chakradance, Ecstatic dance, spontaneous dance, Hatha Yoga, Kids Rainbow Yoga, Reiki and Holistic Counselling, the space is open by appointment and for private bookings. Please head here or get in contact for bookings.

Lately you’ll have seen that I’ve transferred the 3alanced Dance, Yoga and Reiki Studio fb page to ‘The 3alanced Life and Conscious Parenting Movement’.

Read more on the Conscious Parenting Movement here.

The shift towards The 3alanced Life is something that has really happened fast for me in the past year; since we began our journey of consciously co-creating our daughter. Although I had already been fairly aware of myself, my life, my impact and my actions it wasn’t something that I was focusing on consciously every day, I was always ‘busy’ and in many ways I wasn't on for deep exploration and growth.

The 3alanced Life is something that has come out of my desire to deeply delve into myself and to focus more on the principles of the yogic path, that is, to go beyond Asana (poses) and beyond meditation and to take a far deeper look at myself and how I sit in the world. When I talk about 'yoga' below I mean the yogic life as a whole. The morality (Yamas) principles of yoga are:


Truthfulness Non-stealing

Contience (self-control/holding back)

Non-covetness (non-greedy)

The personal observances (Niyamas) are: Purification

Contentment Self-discipline

Self study


The 3alanced life is about checking in in each moment and using the triggers and opportunities that arise to grow as a person. Allowing ourselves the space to move through the challenges and growth without judgement. Using a holistic model and working with our bodies signals of physical and mental ailments we can heal our lives from the core and step into a place of personal power once again.

So, please, follow us on our journey to a 3alanced life through the choices we make.

Follow us on fb and feel free to get in touch to share your story.

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